You can Save the Climate

Global warming is a reality that has dawn on everybody in the world.  Its effect is being witnessed by everyone on the planet.  Nobody needs any scientist to prove the reality of global warming to him or her.  It is what we are facing every day.  Global warming is caused by the depletion of the ozone layer which is protecting the earth against the ultraviolent rays from the sun.  Chemicals popular knows as CFCs emitted into the atmosphere on daily basis eat up the ozone layer leaving the earth without shelter.  Global warming is the consequence of the emission of CFCs to the atmosphere by man.

Global warming can only be forestalled by dealing with its cause which has been explained above.  Do you know that you can help forestall global warming?  Yes, you can and likewise everybody.  For our planet to be saved we need to join hands together in our individual little way to fight the cause of global warming.  This is because we all contributed in jeopardizing the planet and therefore we all should also redeem the planet from the danger.  There is no person who has nothing to contribute in this regard.  There are many ways through which you can help conserve the atmosphere.  This article will help you to know how you will help to keep the planet safe for the future generation.

One of the ways through which you can help to protect the atmosphere is by managing your waste very well.  Waste management is a big problem facing the government of every country.  But we all can help to reduce the burden by using biodegradable materials.  Such materials can easily be decomposed by micro organisms.  However, you have to sort out your refuge before you through them away.  Those ones that can decompose can be taken to the composed heap where they will be used for manure.  Cans and bottles that cannot decompose should be taken to the recycling centre within your location.  Do not mix them together with biodegradable materials.  Some people do mix them together.

There are a number of reusable bags and plastic in the market today.  Using them also will help in the management of waste in the society today.  It is therefore good that you start using reusable plastics and bags.

Trees play a number of economic roles in the society today.  Many countries in the world today have depleted their timber stock due to incessant felling of trees.  Deforestation should be controlled.  Trees plays important role in checkmating global warming.  They store a good quantity of carbon dioxide that is the chief eater of our ozone layer.  You can help to control global warming by planting trees in your own little way.  You can plant flowers in your compound.  Join in the campaign against bush burning and any form of deforestation.

Bush burning not only leads to global warming it can also lead to the lost of wildlife which is not good at least for the sake of the future generations.

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