Why we need to Protect the Planet

The earth is one of the planets that have been discovered by scientists.  It is the beautiful home of human beings. The earth today is under a new form of threat caused by its dwellers, namely, human beings.  Man through his activities has caused some danger to his home.  We are facing the consequences of our actions.  Global warming is no longer scientific assumption.  It is now a reality that we are facing.

Climate change which is also a terrible consequence of depletion of ozone layer has done a number of harm too many people today.  Cases of prolong drought, terrible hurricane and other harsh weather condition abound.  These have lead to loss of many lives in our era. Every year we hear stories of hurricane sweeping away millions of homes, killing thousands of people and rendering many homeless.  This is one of the reasons why our planet should be conserved.  There should be a concerted effort in every corner to make sure the earth is protected.  Nobody should feel less concern because the earth is our home and we cannot afford to jeopardize it or set it ablaze with our own hand.  We have no other shelter except the earth.

If you are not concerned about the earth, you should at least have concerned about your own life.  Global warming and climate change are respecters of race and color.  The effect can be very devastating.  Such natural disasters as drought, hurricane and other harsh weather conditions can have some dangerous effect when they strike any place.  So, this is why we should protect the atmosphere in order to avoid such disasters to the extent that we can.

Before we come into being, many generations have lived before us. They were able to preserve to the earth for us. That is why we live today on earth.  The earth will not come to pass with our generation. It will be there for the future generation to live on.  In the light of the above, it is our responsibility to preserve it for the future generation.  The best thing that you should do to the future generation is to make the earth habitable for them.  The best way to make the earth habitable for the future generation is to conserve the earth for them.  Any action that will jeopardize the atmosphere such as deforestation and environmental pollution of any kind should be avoided.  Making the planet a home for the future generation is one of the reasons we should protect the planet.

There are certain action of man that is not only a threat to the planet, but also to wildlife and marine life.  Deforestation through bush burning for instance can lead to loss of wildlife. In the world today there is a number of wildlife that is going into extinction.  It is our responsibility to preserve such wildlife for the future generation. The same can be said of marine life.  Oil spillage and other forms of water pollution can also lead to loss of marine life.  We need to protect them.

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